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International Smart Virtual Numbers

We define a Smart call forwarding number as an intelligent number with many capabilities versus a virtual number that lacks features that many customers require.

List of features included free.
  • Rings simultaneously up to 10 phone lines in multiple countries

  • PSTN exceptional line quality (not VoIP)

  • Will process your incoming calls by forwarding calls to pre-determined numbers

  • Sends calls to voice mail depending on the time of the day and day of the week (time of day routing)

  • Forwards calls based on the type of incoming calls (customers can set up call blocking or black and white list)

  • Sends calls internationally - any country

  • Accepts faxes to the same virtual number
Plus many more included features that are a part of the call divert plan and provided free.

A not-so-smart virtual number usually stops at taking a voice mail, similar to a basic home phone number (and many business lines) usually offered by your local phone company.

With Global Call Forwarding service, the word smart assists with differentiating our service from 'other' phone numbers and associates our 'smart global numbers' which include all of the advanced features listed.

International Call Divert Creates Phone Presence Overseas

Global Call Forwarding uses a virtual number to easily receive calls from your existing and potential customers or associates in distant cities or countries.

International Call Divert helps remove the obstacle of your callers needing to make an international call to reach you or your company by providing them a 'local' number.

international virtual phone number also adds credibility to a company that does business overseas. Overseas Call Forwarding number shows that your company cares about providing easy access for your its faraway customers and has gone the extra mile to make a local phone number available to them

To avoid a big sales obstacle, it is far better to offer a 'local' contact virtual forwarding phone number instead of expecting a customer in another country to dial your phone number which could be thousands of miles away.

Not many callers are willing to pay international long distance charges to reach you but would not hesitate to call if you provided a local number in their country.

In other words, whether you're a company that has important customers or potential clients located in diverse countries, you will benefit from offering a virtual local International Call Redirection number within those countries where your callers are located or where you wish to advertise your product or service.

Individual users that desire to forward a mobile phone to another country while on assignment (or a vacation) find a
virtual phone number can make connectivity to others a lot easier and do it cost effectively.

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Global Call Divert Features

  • Virtual numbers are available in 94 countries
  • Redirect calls from your new 'virtual number' to any phone, mobile, landline, fax, VoIP, PBX, in any country
  • Make it easy for customer, associates to reach you in another country
  • Forward your mobile phone calls to any country
  • Choose from 1000's of local or Toll Free global phone numbers
  • Redirect calls to mobile, landline, fax, VoIP and PBX
  • Fast connect time to your 'ring to' number
  • No charge for busy or incomplete calls
  • Ring up to 10 phone lines even in different countries simultaneously
  • Roll-Over Option - Save unused minutes for future months
  • Voice Mail - included optional feature
  • Account Control Panel - Manage account online 24/7, change 'ring to' number in real-time, view call details and much more
  • Create a phone presence in another country overnight

International Call Divert Usage Examples

How do you market your product or service in another country?

Let's assume you have determined that there is a market for your product or service in Australia and you have no brick and mortar location in Australia, and no representatives there either.

Because of the availability of
international call diverting and global virtual numbers, you can own a local Australia virtual phone number and have those calls from Australia immediately forwarded to your phone number in the USA, UAE, Mexico, France, UK or any phone number in the world -wherever in the world you want to receive those calls.

In this example, you could open a virtual phone line of communication with Australia, quickly. Simply acquire a virtual phone number that is local for those callers located in Australia. The Australia calls will be immediately forwarded to your phone in any country that you desire.

Said another way, you could own an an
Australia Toll Free number or an Australia Local number and receive the calls in any country you choose.

You can optionally provide an Australian ring tone for those Australia callers, even though the calls are ringing to a USA phone number.

Your calls can be forwarded to a mobile phone or landline in any country.

Call Forwarding to your mobile phone or landlineYou can now own a international virtual number in any of 94 countries and choose from 1000's of local city numbers and international Toll Free numbers, worldwide.

You can use a virtual phone number to assist in sending your mobile phone callers to another phone number locally or oveseas.

In other words, you can now create a local phone number in another country quickly and easily with a virtual international phone number.

Those calls will then be immediately redirected to any phone, mobile or landline, fax, VoIP or PBX you choose, globally.

Most used Call Forwarding features:

  1. Caller ID tells who is calling
  2. Route calls to different telephone numbers based on time of day
  3. Change your 'ring to' number on-the-fly, in real-time
  4. Choose the ring tone your callers will hear (40 country choices)
  5. Voice mail greeting, create your own greeting
  6. Do Not Disturb - send all calls to Voice Mail
  7. Fax to email - your virtual phone number accepts faxes
About Virtual Numbers

Whether you have an actual brick and mortar office or not, global virtual numbers are an option that redirects calls to the phone number that you designate while also allowing callers to dial local phone numbers.

Virtual numbers are really not a new invention. Businesses and individuals have used virtual numbers in the past for a variety of reasons. The most usual uses uitilzing a virtual number is to call forward from one location to another such as establishing a local presence in a geographical location to provide customer service, and be able to answer these calls at any location worldwide. A virtual phone number eliminates geographical boundaries for businesses or individuals.

Case study: a business that has a customer base in New York area would want to display a New York phone number on their website and perhaps a Toll Free number as well. This would give the New York callers the ability to call either the local number or the toll free phone number transact business. This enables the owner of the New York virtual number the opportunity to offer a potential customer a 'local' number to call even though the actual phone might be answered in San Francisco or London. This type of virtual number call forwarding service is often used to 'localize' a business.

Another use for virtual number call forwarding is to route the incoming calls to different phone numbers based on the time of day. For instance, a company might have a 24 hour business making it necessary to have the calls answered in India for a portion of the day and the USA for the other part of a 24 hour period.

These virtual call forwarding strategies are easy to implement with the right virtual number provider. If you operate an international business, these international call forwarding options will be most vital to you.

Your global customers could dial your own private international toll free number specific to their country location. It's as if you have a virtual presence in that country. This esentialy removes any 'long distance' call barrier and should provide more potential sales and a happier customer base.

Assume you are targeting a market for you product or service in Brazil, you could get a Brazil toll free international number and set up the call forwarding to send the calls to your landline or mobile phone in any other country.

Whether your business is expanding locally or globally, using virtual phone numbers and setting up call forwarding allows your customers to reach you without incurring toll charges no matter where in the world you may be located.

Enterprises use global call forwarding for many reasons such as for routing calls from a remote office to the headquarters office or to enable local customers to dial local familiar numbers.

How to use a Virtual Number How to use a Virtual Number PDF

Virtual Numbers enable worldwide call divert

Partial order summary - global routes for the month of August 2013:

Standard Plan United States (Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Suburban Zone 10)
to Tennessee
Preferred Plan United States (New York, New York City
Zone 04) to New York
Standard Plan France (Paris) to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Standard Plan Belgium (Brussels) to Israel
Preferred Plan Spain (Sevilla) to Brioude France
Standard Plan Australia (Brisbane) to Saudi Arabia
Standard Plan Sweden (Malmo) to Cairo, Egypt
Standard Plan United States (Ohio, Cincinnati) to Kentucky
Gold Plan Italy (Roma) to UK
Standard Plan United States (California, Orleans) to UK
Gold Plan United States (Colorado, Durango) to Colorado
Platinum Plan United States (Florida, Fort Lauderdale) to Idaho
Gold Plan Canada (Montreal) to Toronto, Canada
Standard Plan Chile (Santiago) to Florida
Gold Plan United States (California, Los Angeles Da 01) to Virginia
Standard Plan Switzerland (Lausanne) to Kiev, Ukraine
Standard Plan United Kingdom (London) to Malaysia
Standard Plan Italy (Roma) to Rome
Standard Plan Bahrain (National) to UK
Standard Plan South Africa (Pretoria) to South Africa
Gold Plan New Zealand (Auckland) to Massachusetts
Standard Plan Cyprus (Larnaca) to Germany
Preferred Plan United States (Texas, Irving) to Texas
Preferred Plan Canada (Toronto) to New York
Preferred Plan Spain (Madrid) to Arizona
Standard Plan United Kingdom (Keighley) to UK
Standard Plan Australia (Perth East/South East) to Australia
Platinum Plan United States (Washington, Seattle) to Washington
Preferred Plan United States (Alabama, Albertville) to Egypt
Gold Plan Canada (Regina) to Australia
Standard Plan Greece (Thessaloniki) to Greece
Gold Plan United Kingdom (London) to Australia
Standard Plan United States (California, Death Valley) to Cyprus
Standard Plan United States (Texas, Houston) to Florida
Standard Plan United States (California, Anaheim) to Anaheim
Gold Plan Canada (Toronto) to Canada
Gold Plan United States (California, Los Angeles) to Washington DC
Standard Plan United States (Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh) to UK
Preferred Plan United States (United States (toll free)) to Texas
Standard Plan Canada (Vancouver) to Nashville, Tenessee
Standard Plan United Kingdom (Cambridge) to Maryland
Standard Plan India (India (toll free) to South Africa
Standard Plan India (India (toll free) to Pakistan
Standard Plan Norway (Oslo) to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Standard Plan Canada (Montreal) to Texas
Standard Plan Italy (Rimini) to Russia
Preferred Plan United States (Oklahoma, Oklahoma City) to Illinois
Standard Plan Canada (Vancouver) to New Jersey
Gold Plan United Kingdom (London) to Canada
Standard Plan United Kingdom (London) to Germany
Standard Plan Canada (Montreal) to Mission Viejo, California
Platinum Plan Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia (toll free) to Pakistan
Standard Plan United States (New York City to Spain
Gold Plan Australia (Australia (toll free) to Texas
Gold Plan Ireland (toll free mobile accessible) to Texas
Standard Plan (Saudi Arabia (toll free) to Georgia, USA
Standard Plan Canada (Toronto) to Toronto
Preferred Plan Australia (Sydney) to Canada
Preferred Plan Hong Kong (National) to Hong Kong, China
Platinum Plan Italy (Parma) to South Africa
Standard Plan Canada (Peterborough) to Florida
Preferred Plan (Mexico City) to Mexico
Standard Plan United States (Alabama, Alabaster) to Florida
Standard Plan France (Clermont-Ferrand) to Nebraska
Standard Plan Australia (Sydney) to Australia
Standard Plan United States (United States (toll free) to Malaysia
Gold Plan St. Lucia (St. Lucia (toll free) to Canada

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International Call Forwarding creates a simple method to communicate with customers and other geographically distant callers.

International Virtual Number will divert your calls to a mobile phone, landline, fax, PBX or VoIP number -in any country.

Customer Comments:
"The global call forwarding service has proved to be reliable, economic and of great assistance in marketing our pharmaceutical business in targeted countries."
Jack M.
-Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for helping set up the international call diverting number for our Hong Kong office. The line quality is very good and much improved compared to the old VoIP line we used before."
Patrick L.
-Sydney, Australia

"Very fast connections! The India Toll Free line connects callers from India to our UK office clear and quickly."
Simone P. -London, UK

"Just needed a local Canada number for my fiancée to call me here in the U.S. Thanks!"
John W.
-Duluth, MN

"We needed a Tokyo Japan virtual number because we have clients in Tokyo and want them to be able to call a local number to reach us here in Washington."
Michelle K.
-Seattle, WA

"Business improved when we got the Singapore number from you. We'll be adding other numbers for our Asia markets."
Ben A.
-Paris, France
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